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Hey there! I'm Catlinman!

Your radical dreaming humble fishstick and fiendlord known on the internet as Catlinman at your service. I prefer being called Cat in short but whatever you prefer works! I do pretty much anything and everything that has to do with computers ranging from digital art, animation and modelling over to programming, game design, web development and engineering all the way to making electronic music.

I am always open to working and hanging out with people! If you want anything from me I'm right there for you! Just hit me up on any of my profiles, pages or communities! You can find some extra links on the contact page of this site. There you will also find business related contact options!

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Open Source Work

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Since one of the frequent questions I receive is about what kind of tools I use in my general workflow, I have created a separate page just for this where you can search through for anything you might find useful. To give you a brief summary though: here are some of my pinned applications that I use on a day to day basis. Keep in mind though that use of these do change depending on the given project and situation and as such use cases may vary quite a bit.

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Application Description
Google Chrome Robust and fast Internet browser
Atom Extensible editor for absolutely everything
PaintStorm Studio Digital painting suite with an abundance of brush manipulation options
Adobe Photoshop Image manipulation program useful for almost any task
Adobe After Effects Layer based compositing and animation program with a low entry barrier
Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline based video editing suite with good file and encoding support
kdenlive Free and extensible timeline based video editing suite
Affinity Designer Vector design and editing application allows for rapid workflow
Affinity Photo Similar to Photoshop but more suited and target for Photo touchups and editing
OBS Studio Live streaming and content capture suite
Blender Very robust modelling, animation, simulation, rendering and video editing suite all in one
Quixel Suite Texturing and normal mapping interface application right in Photoshop

Game Rankings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go ahead and ask me on one of my accounts about something I suggest checking through this section if you need anything. If your question is not answered then feel free to write me. You can find links on how to contact me in the contact section of the website.