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Business Contact

Looking to hire me? Want me to help you out with anything and everything or just want to talk in private? Email is probably your best bet but I am also available on a lot of social media platforms with direct messaging. Links to those can be found further below in the links section of this page. Email is highly recommended if you are contacting me as a firm or in a purely business related context as I will prioritize it and look into the best medium for further conversations.


If you are looking for support on products and projects I have worked on I suggest using the contact email address as well at the moment. I am working on a support ticket system which I will link to here at some point which should streamline trouble shooting and general support work I do a lot and make your life easier at the same time.

Note: Pricing for the work I do depends on the project at hand. My fees are negotiated on a per project basis. For more information and options please contact me.

External Profile Links

Get In Touch

I'm always open to getting to know new people and working on new projects! Even if you just want to hang out and talk or play a game or two you can get in touch with me through one of the links listed further below on this page. Keep in mind though that I do spend a lot of my time working on things so if I don't answer instantly shoot me a message another time and I'll see what I can do.

If you are looking for collaboration on programming, art or absolutely anything: I personally suggest you check out the business contact section on this page since it also lists some more private ways to contact me which you might prefer. Especially if it is some work that you might not want the world to see just yet!

If you don't mind a delayed answer and want to ask me something anonymously you can find my ask.fm below. It does have some outdated questions and information here and there but it's still a viable way to ask me something without having your name attached. I do answer all questions but be aware that it's a casual environment which means that if you ask me something ridiculous you will receive a just as ridiculous answer.

Click here to go to my Ask.fm page

For general references on my work you should have a look at the about section of this website as well as the projects section. I work in a lot of different areas which means that getting to know these before planning anything out is a good call to make to save time and possible confusion!

Communities & Communication

On top of having social media as a contact option you can also find me around multiple communities that I manage or am simply a part of. If you want to invest the time your most solid bet at catching me is on Hivecom which is a gaming community I run. You should be able to poke me there or hit me up with a direct message on either the Teamspeak or Discord servers if I am online. Otherwise talk to one of the moderators or other administrators there. They should be able to help you out as well if the need arises.

Chances are you have Skype installed on your system which is another way to talk to me. If you do want to use Skype I suggest sending me an invitation there with information on who you are since I might decline it otherwise. Shooting me a message somewhere else about this might also be a good idea since then you can be sure that I add you back!

Contact me on Skype

If all else fails you should be able to find me as Catlinman on the IRC networks of EsperNet, OFTC and Freenode. I have bouncer connections set up on each of these servers so any message you send me will be relayed to me sooner or later and if I am online it should be instantly.