Game developer - Artist - Programmer

I'm a self taught independent game developer and graphic artist located in the north of Germany. Generally when I am not in school or doing other real-life things I end up working on video game projects, artworks, 3D animations and a multitude of other computer related things. All of this work mainly depends on the spare time I have leftover since most of it is done on a free and uncoordinated schedule. I mostly work on projects by myself but I have also worked together with others. Some of my more collaborative work can be seen on my Github page which at this point includes a modding framework, a collaborative game project as well as an expansion of a mod's plug-in system.

Talking about projects - you can find some of my game projects and other more elaborate works on the projects page. You can navigate there by clicking on the projects button in the top. Most of the games you will find there are standalone and can be downloaded for free. The games themselves were made with different libraries and engines at my disposal. All of the engines and libraries I have used can be found on the about me page in the tools tab.

I also have substantial experience in the field of graphics design. This whole area includes traditional CG work, photography and photo manipulation as well as digital painting and logo design. You can find some of my more creative works in the gallery section of the website. I should note however that the images found in the gallery are not only from artworks but also contain pictures from my other game related projects.

Other than that I also manage a Blog. If you want to stay up to date with the things I do, your best chance would be to check in there every once in a while.

If you want to see all of the pages you can find me on, you can visit my about page by clicking the button in the top.